Nike Kobe 11 20210904

Appearance is not said, simple but not low-key, the blessing of luminous is undoubtedly a huge bonus item, can be regarded as an additional surprise. Usually wear 44.5, bought 45 this time, the shoes are a bit stiff on the whole. I don’t know whether it’s my problem or running in problem. On the first day, a piece of skin was worn off from the little toe… Before you feel its comfort, you bring yourself discomfort. Try again when your feet are ready. By the way, the grip on the crystal bottom is really good when it’s not gray. In addition, the wear resistance has not been reflected due to the short wearing time, at least there is no wear condition so far.

When I bought something on double 12, I ordered it. One day later, I said there was no original box. If I couldn’t accept it, I would refund it. However, the double 12 activity has already passed! The coupons are in vain, and there are no other discounts. The store owners don’t want to take any compensation. OK, just accept that there is no original box. After that, it took four or five days to deliver the goods. The goods were about size 20, and then the wrong size was sent. ha-ha! I’m sorry for all consumers if you don’t give this bad comment!

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