New Balance 1080 20210810

It has been running for dozens of kilometers. During the running process, the shock absorption effect is full, the resilience is very good, the wrapping is very good, the width of 2E is very comfortable, and the daily wear is also very comfortable

I feel that shoes look better than photos. First of all, let’s talk about the shopping experience. The delivery time of new Bailun is two days later than that of puma at the same time. It can be understood that the purchase volume is large on June 18. However, as a brand, the reason why your delivery is slow still needs to be considered. Customer service is just like it. Shoes are cheap but worth the price. They are beautiful. I like them , very comfortable to start with the price of 729, you can refer to it, 6.18 activities to buy shoes are relatively wide, fat feet friends according to their own size can often wear (ω)hiahiahia(ω)hiahiahia(ω)hiahiahia(ω)hiahiahia(ω)hiahiahia(ω)hiahiahia(ω)hiahiahia(ω)hiahiahia(ω)hiahiahia(ω)hiahiahia(ω)hiahiahia(ω)hiahiahia(ω)hiahiahia(ω)hiahiahia(ω)hiahiahia

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