adidas Energy Boost 20210809

Let’s talk about it. First, there is no tag. Second, no invoice. Third, the shoe glue is a little ridiculous, as if to open glue, two shoes too big difference. The advantages are that the shoes have good wrapping, good air permeability and moderate elasticity, which are suitable for ordinary road running or field running. I haven’t been shopping in the store for many years. I have a chance to visit the store when I go home. I’m sure it’s not like this. I’m not going to run away now. I’m just making hand-held equipment indoors. I guess I can’t wear it out.

The shoes are very handsome, but they don’t have the feeling of stepping on the excrement in imagination. This is my first pair of boost, which is not bad on the whole! The number of yards is also suitable. It may take a little longer to make boost soft!

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