Originals Superstar CNY 20210806

Company level Adidas Adidas clover origins superstar “CNY” shell head classic versatile casual sports shoes code: yuxx629-zml Article No.: gx7919

Well packaged, the shoes are exquisite, the sole is a little harder, it looks like a yard longer than the adidas code, but the toe is a little small and just good, so it’s easy to wear and perfect for running!

The foot is not easy to put in at the beginning, but the upper foot is perfect, there is a feeling of stepping on the excrement, which is so beautiful!! Only the ankle is a little tight there. It should be OK to wear it for a period of time. There is anti-counterfeiting code in the insole of the left foot. If it is not checked, it is certain that it is genuine. It is not a waste of time

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