adidas Ultra Boost ST 20210731

In contrast, the blade has better environmental adaptability and bottom air permeability. The elasticity and front air permeability of Ub are one order of magnitude stronger than that of blade. Even in air-conditioned rooms for a long time, UB will have a slight fever on the feet. After all, they are foam materials and are not resistant to dirty. I bought two pairs at a time. The unit price is 550.

I got it. I took a close look at the merchandise. The workmanship is still fine, basically without defects, and the upper feet are very comfortable. Maybe it’s the weight. I don’t feel too strong when I step on s. This is the most suitable thing I found on so many online shopping software, and I can buy something in double twelve. It’s very good overall. The color may not be so bright, but it is dirt resistant. It is not too warm to wear in winter. I hope the quality can be reliable.

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