Air Jordan 1 20210111

It’s easy to catch a cold in the new season. You should pay attention to your body. It’s 176cm 50kg. The sweater FILA white Pullover Sweater. Pants legend firm’s loose high street style. Casual black pants waist is elastic. It’s easy to put on and off. It’s more inclusive. Radish pants cover meat. The fabric is soft and delicate. It’s a pair of pants with high cost performance Wearing these pants will make you feel more comfortable. You can run and jump if you want to run. If you want to jump, you will feel comfortable with fried chicken. Shoes aj1 Red Hook black toe. The classic black and white color matching of shoes is just right. Fried chicken likes to look better than pictures. It’s amazing to get hands. The more you look, the more you look. The more you look, the better you will feel. The leather of the series is very textured. The laces have two colors: black and red Easy to match, suitable for every cool baby

Among aj1’s many colors, I prefer not to wear the classic black and Red Bull color, and the story behind it is almost recognized as the most meaningful and storytelling pair of shoes in aj1… It’s also very good-looking in terms of wearing. It can handle all kinds of styles. A black legged pants + no more casual suit sweater or long T, which are very comfortable and good-looking on the whole. AJ, I buy very few but do not wear them I really have a strong desire to buy it! And this is a pair of AJ that I often use. It is still very popular when I go out of the street everyday! This pair of shoes has been collected for a few years. I really recommend it to you if you throw away the price factor of the rising tide. In addition, the banned leather is also very good!! Although the leather is good, it also needs to be maintained. I will apply a little Martin shoe polish to the shoes for a semester… In a few years, the black leather will be brighter and more chronological, and the red part

Air Jordan 1

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