adidas Alpha Bounce 20201228

First of all, the shoes are of good quality and comfortable to wear. Because I like this color, I don’t sell all the numbers. I bought a bigger one. The insole is thick. I wear it very well. Although it’s a mesh surface, there is a layer inside. It’s medium thickness. The upper is medium breathable. It can be worn in spring and early spring. It’s very recommended. It was a very satisfying shopping

Very good. The sole is very comfortable. It has a rebound feeling when walking. It also has a good skid resistance. There are reflective strips on the laces. I feel that the safety of running at night will be improved a little. It’s just that the toe of the shoe is easy to crush Shrunken will become ugly Express delivery is also very good, to send Shun Feng, the next day to arrive, whoosh. Very satisfied overall.

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