Sacai X NK LVD Waffle Daybreak 20201224

#Corporate welfare sacai x NK LVD waffle daybreak

Children like to wear them as soon as they get them back. The children say they are comfortable to wear. They like it very much. The size is also correct. My children usually wear 45.5 and shoot 42.5. As for the quality problem of shoes, they haven’t appeared yet. I also bought Anta online before. The quality of those pairs is very good. I’ll know this pair only after I buy them. I hope they are also very durable

First of all, the wrapping is not bad, but the sock is not bad. Secondly, although the feeling of stepping on the excrement is not as good as that of Nike, the price of more than 200 is also very conscience. However, when it rains, it will slip into your doubt life. Finally, intense sports are not suitable, such as playing basketball, wear will be very fast, and grip Just so. In a word, shoes are good shoes, but they can do everything at this price.

Sacai X NK LVD Waffle Daybreak

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