adidas EQT Cushion ADV 20201025

No problem. The color is low-key and a little coquettish. The upper foot is very good. The fabric is very breathable. It’s very comfortable to wear in summer. The sole is very soft after pressing several times. Although it can’t compare with boost, it will take a few days to get a specific feeling. The tongue is a little tight, and the one with high instep should be bought larger. In short, it’s very good

Good value for money. I like it very much. The meat color is quite good. Black is super black. The thickness is even and moderate. There is no problem in northern winter. It is very, very warm, and the style is thin. I feel that black should be thin. It doesn’t pilling, loose and super tight. The length is appropriate. The size is small. It’s very good. I’m very satisfied. I like it very much. It’s logistics Super super super fast, awesome

adidas EQT Cushion ADV

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