adidas Ultra Boost Uncaged 20200831

First of all, logistics is very fast, the next day arrived, like a! The quality of the shoes is very good. There are no defects, no degumming and so on. The size is very good. Next, I would like to comment on the boost insole. I haven’t worn the shoes of boost series before. Many people said that they had a foot feeling and a feeling of stepping on the excrement. With the worship of boost, they just caught up with the discount and bought this Pb shoe. To be honest, I thought that after wearing it, I would feel that the whole shoe would be soft and elastic, but it didn’t! Like ordinary running shoes, it doesn’t make any difference. I think it’s the same after wearing it for so many days. Standing on one leg alternately, you can feel that the heel of your heel is slightly depressed. Is this the so-called feeling of stepping on the excrement I don’t feel much on the forefoot. The shoes are very breathable and comfortable to wear, but boost is not as good as expected.

It’s OK. It’s comfortable to wear. I think it’s black. The express delivery is very satisfactory. The quality is very good. It’s completely consistent with the seller’s description. I really like it. I really like it. The delivery speed is very fast. The packaging is very careful and tight. The service attitude of the logistics company is very good. The delivery speed is very fast. I’m very satisfied with a shopping!

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