VANS Authentic 20200829

Don’t buy a size smaller. It’s just right. I usually wear 35 shoes. The average size can be 35 36. Some people say that they buy 36 because they are afraid of grinding their feet. They just don’t need to buy small ones

It’s really true to wear it for a few days. First of all, the baby has a check and summary. It’s solid workmanship, neat routing, and good texture. The flipped part is also very good. It shows that the bottom is real material and the cushion is also very good. But under the cushion, there is a layer of hard paper shell. That’s right. It’s cardboard. It’s not cloth. It can’t be washed I went to the counter to find out what happened to the cardboard case. I was told that the bottom of Vance was fake without paper shell. I can’t say at least the probability of the real product is small. Comfort is just like that. I don’t believe in any poison stickers. I don’t plan to refund. This price is barely affordable

VANS AuthenticVANS Authentic

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